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Political Committee

The objective of Grow Tallahassee Political Committee (PC) is to research, select and support the election of candidates who recognize the importance of growth and economic vitality, as well as the business community within greater Tallahassee – Leon County region. Our Committee consists of volunteer and non-partisan business advocates. We aim to raise funds to make a difference in decades old and stagnant political culture which failed to promote job creation, entrepreneurship and talent retention.

Our Political Committee provides a unique opportunity to ensure that growth and economic vitality stays as a priority for our local policy makers. A contribution to our PC is the fastest, simplest, and most efficient way to get involved in the political process. You can also become a PC member and help us identify issues that have a lasting impact on our local economy and business community.



Grow Tallahassee PC is registered with the State of Florida Division of Elections, and a completely separate entity from Grow Tallahassee, Inc. Donations to the PC, expenditures and all other financial activities are public records, available on Florida Department of State portals.


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