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Endorsements for 2022 Local Elections

Mayor of Tallahassee

John Dailey


John Dailey was elected to the Leon County Commission by the residents of District 3 in 2006, and was re-elected twice without opposition. He served as the Chairman of the Leon County Commission for two terms.  In 2018, he became the mayor of Tallahassee, and since then, Mayor Dailey has a proven record of prioritizing economic vitality, supporting small businesses and encouraging investments that lead to higher wage jobs. In his tenure, he supported $8 million in assistance to residents, small businesses, and non-profit organizations that were impacted by Covid-19 pandemic. Under Mayor Dailey’s leadership, Tallahassee received international recognition for the City’s dedication to sustainability and resiliency. In addition, Mayor Dailey is committed to preserving the natural beauty of Tallahassee by protecting our canopies and expanding our park systems.  Mayor Dailey is a strong leader who understands the balance between preserving Tallahassee’s unique character and economic development, and that is why Grow Tallahassee proudly endorses Mayor Dailey for re-election.

City Commission Seat 3

David Bellamy


As a fifth-generation Tallahasseean, an orthopedic surgeon and a part-time Tallahassee police officer, David Bellamy truly understands the problems Tallahassee is facing today. Dr. Bellamy has touched numerous lives in our community through the years and is passionate about building a healthy local economy that would create sustainable, good paying jobs for Tallahassee residents. As a devoted public servant, Dr. Bellamy is a fresh voice dedicated to restoring trust in the City Hall, building consensus, increasing public safety and advocating for community-wide infrastructure balanced with intelligent, sustainable growth within our city.  

City Commission Seat 5

Dianne Williams-Cox

Dianne Williams-Cox.jpg

Commissioner Williams-Cox has been a strong advocate for education, women’s rights and small businesses. She served as the Chairman of the Capital City Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chairman of the Leon County Democratic Executive Committee, President of the Capital City Democratic Women’s Club (DWC) and Region 1 Chair for the Democratic Women of Florida. She is the founder of the Southside United Citizens Action Alliance, an organization that brings citizens together to identify and educate others on issues and potential solutions for the Southside of Tallahassee. During her tenure as a City Commissioner, she focused on underserved neighborhoods, youth education and creating economic opportunities to eradicate poverty in our community.

County Commission District 1

Bill Proctor


With decades of experience in local government, Bill Proctor received numerous awards and recognitions for his public service. He served as the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners in 2006 and 2015. During his tenure, over one billion dollars have been invested in his district. He has been an unprecedented advocate for affordable housing, quality healthcare, education, and economic development. Grow Tallahassee endorses Commissioner Proctor for re-election because he understands the importance of growing our tax base to fund programs that are crucial for those who need the most. 

County Commission District 2

Christian Caban


Christian Caban is a small business owner and a philanthropist, committed to improving the quality of life within our community by bringing fresh ideas to the table.  As an employer of  hundreds of residents over the years, he understands the importance of workforce development programs and the need for sustainable job growth. He believes that brighter futures are shaped at a young age and crucial investments should be made in increasing equitable access to educational programs. Grow Tallahassee believes that young professionals like Christian Caban are vital for our socio-economic success as they bridge public policy and today’s changing economy. Christian Caban understands the importance of equitable and sustainable growth, and Grow Tallahassee proudly endorses him for County Commission District 2. 

County Commission At-Large

Nick Maddox


Commissioner Nick Maddox was elected to serve the citizens of Leon County in 2010 with the focus of bringing diversity and increased transparency to local government. He currently serves as the Vice Chairman of the County Commission.  While in office, Commissioner Maddox has worked diligently to ensure that Leon County continues to be an ideal home for families by supporting local youth, advocating for redevelopment in lieu of sprawl, and supporting environmental preservation. He has shown to be a fair policy maker who understands the importance of consensus building. From youth development programs to public infrastructure investments, he supported a wide range of policies that improved our quality of life for the last decade.

Endorsements to be determined
Leon County Commission: District 3
Leon County Commission: District 5
Florida House: District 8
Florida House: District 9
Florida Senate: District 3

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