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Grow Tallahassee Position on funding of Doak Campbell Stadium Renovations

The Grow Tallahassee Political Committee supports the proposed $20 million investment in Doak Campbell Stadium improvements. Florida State University is one of the biggest economic drivers in our city, bringing over 45,000 students per year to Tallahassee and employing around 14,000 Tallahassee residents. The Florida State football program generates around $50 million in revenue per season for our local economy. The proposed $20 million investment in our stadium, a public asset, will ensure that this essential economic driver continues to provide jobs, revenue, and visitors to our city.


Additionally, Florida State University will create 248 jobs, generated by the improvement work and add $11.6 million in wages and income, with a total economic output of over $47 million. The purpose of this investment is to improve and upgrade structural, life-safety and accessibility features of a facility that is heavily used by Tallahassee residents as a sports and entertainment venue. Our Political Committee strongly believes that the decision to move forward with the funding is within the boundaries of the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency and the Office of Economic Vitality.

Furthermore, our Political Committee deeply condemns recent efforts to smear Florida State University and it’s athletic department as we believe that our community and FSU are inseparable within our local economy and cultural ecosystem. Healthy discussions and disagreements are part of living in a modern society. However, organizing misinformation campaigns to label Florida State University as “greedy bottom feeders, preying on tax payers for luxury stadium upgrades” is immoral, intellectually deceitful and shameful.


It’s easy, and cynical, for critics to point at large public investments and say “that money could be better spent elsewhere”. Yet, these critics come forward time and again without viable alternatives or solutions, instead using misinformation to smear political opponents for political gain. The truth is, the proposed $20 million funding is an investment in Tallahassee’s future, with an incredible ROI (return on investment) of not just economic dollars, but of a greater sense of community, as we gather at Doak Campbell for generations to come and cheer for the home team.

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