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2020 General Election Endorsements

We believe that participating in our election process is not only an honorable duty but is essential in creating a community that prioritizes progressive growth.
Tallahassee has the potential to become an economic powerhouse in the North Florida region with its university system, young professionals, and entrepreneurs. Each local election is an opportunity to support policy makers that want to achieve these goals for our community.


Therefore, Grow Tallahassee proudly announces the following endorsements:

City Commission, Seat 2

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Curtis Richardson

Commissioner Curtis Richardson has publicly served Tallahassee since 1990, when he was elected to the Leon County School Board, continuing his service in the Florida House of Representatives from 2000 to 2008, and was then elected to the Tallahassee City Commission in 2014, where he has continued to support progressive growth. Commissioner Richardson has a solid record of well-informed decision making that makes economic vitality a priority, which is exactly what we need in Tallahassee. His contributions to our community are invaluable, and we believe he should continue to serve Tallahassee in City Commission Seat 2.

County Commission, District 4


Bryan Desloge

Born and raised in Tallahassee, graduating from Leon Highschool, studying at Florida State University, serving on the Knight Creative Communities Institute Advisory Board, and serving as the Chair of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, Commissioner Desloge is a true Tallahassee native. His life-long presence in Tallahassee allows him to analyze the issues properly and implement a holistic approach. In his professional career, Mr. Desloge turned his Tallahassee-based business into one of America’s fastest growing companies (Prestigious INC. 500 List). Since the beginning of the pandemic, Commissioner Desloge worked hard to initiate Leon Cares Program to help small businesses and non-profit organizations in Leon County, distributing hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants. Among other public investments, he has been a big advocate for our 700-miles-long outdoor trail system in Leon County. Bryan Desloge understands what progressive growth means and Grow Tallahassee proudly endorses him for re-election.

County Commission At Large, Group 1


Caroyln Cummings

Interviewing both Carolyn Cummings and Kelly Otte, our group is impressed by the experience, knowledge, and compassion both candidates bring on the table. After series of discussions with the members of our organization, Grow Tallahassee will move forward with endorsing Carolyn Cummings for the County Commission At Large, Group 1. Ms. Cummings is one of the first female attorneys to open a law office in Frenchtown, becoming a role model for many young Tallahassee residents. We believe her background in practicing law will bring much needed perspective to the County Commission as we navigate through mandates, ordinances, and government assistance programs.

Endorsement Process 

Grow Tallahassee endorsements are a result of comprehensive research into candidates. We evaluate each race by:

  • Professional background,

  • Awareness of issues surrounding local business community,

  • Understanding of private sector investments and importance to the local economy,

  • Understanding of positive correlation between economic development, preservation, and equity.

  • Understanding of the duties and operations of city or county government

If the candidate is an incumbent:

  • Voting record on issues surrounding business community,

  • Voting record on workforce development, business incentives and infrastructure projects,

  • Proposed initiatives to grow our local economy.

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