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Why Anti-FSU? | Quick Take

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

In November, we made the following statement on our social media platforms:

"In our pursuit of economic prosperity, we expect our local officials to be consistent in their decisions. Coherence in public policy is one of the most important conditions for stable economic growth."

That was in response to Commissioner Jack Porter voting "yes" to a no-bid contract for her city-funded ID card program, entirely skipping the public engagement and vetting process.

Not a day goes by without seeing the Matlow and Porter duo switching positions, misleading the public and sowing division in our community.

On February 18th, 2022, Commissioner Matlow posted the following question on his campaign page as he attempted to gain support on his opposition against Doak Campbell stadium renovations:

"Would you vote for a sales tax increase to make repairs and a better fan experience at the stadium?"

The post got plenty of engagement since constituents were suddenly under the assumption that the Blueprint IA was trying to increase sales tax to pay for Doak Campbell Stadium renovations.

It was designed to be misleading, and to provoke an obvious response: NO. Deceitful rhetoric at its finest.

For the last couple of months, our community has been discussing the pros and cons of this public investment. Some folks believe that $80 million dollar economic output generated from Doak Campbell Stadium per year is worth supporting and maintaining. On the other hand, some folks believe this is not a wise investment. As we always say, healthy discussions and disagreements are part of living in a civilized society. But, Commissioner Matlow has not maintained a consistent and cohesive policy stance.

Commissioner Matlow, with zero opposition, voted YES to $10 Million in funding for stadium repairs, and a better fan experience at FAMU's Bragg Stadium (which Grow Tallahassee supported as well).

Why is he so upset about Doak Campbell - to the point where he intentionally misleads the public to gain support?

Why is he just against FSU?

It would be nice to find out.


For more information on Grow Tallahassee Position on funding of Doak Campbell Stadium Renovations:

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